Smart Queries to Ask Estate Agents for Your Archway Property

Property-wise, Archway still remains a favourite in comparison to its neighbouring areas. Naturally, it is still attracting buyers with all zeal. So, if you have a property for sale here, you might as well be thinking about hiring estate agents, isn’t it? Hold on. Cast aside the conventional ideas of ‘how to choose them.’ Be smart. Ask questions. These questions in particular.

  • What’s The Fee?

End of the day, your plan of hiring this professional will haul down to this – how much you are going to pay him. This is why the first question to ask is how much he is going to charge. If it’s within your budget, it’s a thumbs up; if not, then down. Please note that the fee would be a certain percentage based on the selling price or the contract. Bargain, if needed.

  • What’s The Marketing Plan?

Honestly, a quick, profitable sale depends on how the property has been marketed. Your man needs to be a local so that he knows what ticks and what doesn’t with buyers. If he says he’s going to use top property portals, include professional photography, and floor plans, go for him. If he sulks, dump him.

Drivers and Norris Archway

  • How Would The Viewings Be Arranged?

No one knows the inside out of your property as much as you do. And believe us, you want to leverage its potential to the utmost. This is why you must enquire how the professional is going to arrange for the viewings. How would he point out the aspects that you want him to? Remember, even the slightest of details can make or break the deal.

  • Charging Extra for These Services?

Sometimes, some property professionals reveal the fee but cover the parts that include extra charges for advertisement and marketing. For instance, including a floor plan or professional photography could cost you more. Enquire if the percentage fee encompasses these as well. If not, run away.

  • Would The Contract Tie You In?

Please note that tie-in contracts are not a bad practice. However, it’s about your priority. Remember, you cannot terminate this contract without completing the tie-in period, whether you are happy with it or not. It might attract a penalty. So, before taking the plunge, make sure to know what you are choosing.

Archway Properties

  • What Would Be The Consequences If Disagreement Strikes?

Do not rule out disagreements while initiating talks with the estate agents of Archway. Because this is a property deal and monetary dealings are going to happen on a big scale, everyone will have an opinion. Disagreements are natural. You only have to know about the consequences and have respect for each other since the onset of the deal.

These are not tips to sell your house quickly. But, if you follow them, you will have the right agent at your disposal and this, in turn, would help you sell your property smoothly, swiftly.

Ask. Reach a decision. Hire. Sell!


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